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Writing a novel: Learn from the pros


8th March 2017


Many creative and imaginative souls dream of fulfilling their lives with pages of written stories celebrating the power of literature. They want their plotlines read and learned by many eager readers. It’s a dream. Several writers pick up the pen and form the synopsis, draw character sketches, visualise a unique fantasy realm, and then begin but fail to finish. Eventually the cliché saying of life getting in the way becomes your reality.


Luckily, C Y Gopinath (aka Gopi), the award-nominated HarperCollins-published author, will be staying with us at the Content Castle in Koh Samui between March 10 and 23, working on his next novel, and has agreed to be available to share his insights and tips and practical exercises on the process of beginning and finishing a novel. All travellers and Samui residents are welcome to join these informative conversations on the art of writing a novel.

Gopi is an established author and long-standing journalist and film-maker — author of three novels, Hoyt’s War, Travels with the Fish, and The Book of Answers. His expertise will help attendees familiarize themselves with the story writing process. In an earlier conversation Gopi discussed how he, “would like to help participants examine storylines, create characters, play with words, raise their quality standards.” His passion to share his knowledge on both creating a strong plotline and the publishing industry may change the way you view writing a story and the process that goes along with it.


We are so lucky to have C Y Gopinath stay with us while he works on his novel.

What can you learn in two weeks?

Each day of the two weeks at The Content Castle is dedicated to a different topic around the process of writing a novel. The descriptions below may help you decide which conversations you would like to join — perhaps just one, or perhaps all of them!

March 11 – 9am to noon – Sharing stories

Participants will share their life experiences in hopes of finding inspiration from one another’s stories, travels, and personal discoveries. Anne Frank said, “I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.” Writing is a tool to uncovering the depths of our own souls, and through swapping stories perhaps an idea for a story will emerge.

March 12 – 9am to noon – The one-sentence story

This will focus on describing the premise of the novel in a single sentence. It is the short answer to “What is your book about?” The one sentence description is the first step on the journey towards a storyline.

March 13 – 9am to noon – Creating characters

On March 13 the conversation will focus on character development. Creating relatable characters is the foundation to an influential story. Readers love to travel with the characters, feel their emotion, and side with them. The conversation explores how we can draw on our experiences and networks to create credible and powerful protagonists and antagonists.

March 16 – 9am to noon – Tricks of the trade

The session will focus on how to overcome the dreaded writer’s block. A conversation will unfold where attendees share their tricks of the trade and the chat will be guided by the HarperCollins-published author himself.

“All travellers and Samui residents are welcome to join these informative conversations on the art of writing a novel.”

March 17 – 9am to noon – Getting inspired

A major component of writing is engaging in conversation with others – swapping stories with close friends, finding inspiration through encounters with strangers, and of course discussing various approaches to story writing with fellow writers.

March 19 – 9am to noon – Finding your voice

How do you find the right voice for your story? Throughout his work Gopi has written a variety of articles and novels – from first-person impersonation articles to three celebrated novels. His advice on changing between point of views will clarify the impact of choosing the correct narrative for their novella, novel, or short story.

March 21 – 9am to noon – Editing and critiquing

The day will be spent on creating better sentences, structures, and ideas in place of words sprawled across the page. Attendees will spend the morning critiquing one another’s stories with the goal of striving for an even greater creation of work in mind.

Create with The Content Castle and C Y Gopinath from March 10 -23.

March 22 – 9am to noon – Making the pitch

A noteworthy session is on March 22nd, with the focal point on finding an agent and publication. Gopi will guide attendees on how to compose a slick query letter and sell the polished story to publishers.

March 23 – 9am to noon – Marketing yourself

The workshop will narrow in on the power of marketing on social media platforms. It’s important to take all measures possible to promote the story, as all stories deserve to be heard.

Writing a story takes dedication, creativity, and determination. We at the Content Castle hope that you will be with us during this exciting two-week period to learn and share with established authors all the ins and outs of the great craft of writing.

Contact us at https://contentcastle.asia/contact/ if you’d like to join or have any questions.

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