What is the Content Castle?

This six-bedroom design house on Koh Samui, ideally-located five minutes from charming Lamai and just a 15-minute drive from the ferry port, is filled with a multitude of inspirational corners, reading nooks, meditation hideaways, and writing alcoves. Spacious balconies are hung with hammocks and loungers to relax, read, or write overlooking the expansive seaview afforded by our prime beachside location. 


The Content Castle offers a three-month intensive finishing programme designed to help writers perfect the craft of writing. The programme features workshops and roundtables so you can polish your writing and editing skills, build a portfolio, and learn to market your skills to clients, publications, and businesses.

You will be writing for real-world clients, under real-world circumstances, for websites, magazines, business communications, and more. The Content Castle provides content for a variety of clients through its parent company Archipelago Communications.

The three-month course features weekly workshops, focusing on the mechanics of researching and writing the published article from start to finish in minimal time. Courses offer writing tips and tricks, editing techniques, a refresher on grammar elements, SEO tips and developments, and guides for developing style and tone for various audiences. In addition, the final set of workshops is reserved for developing your personal online portfolio, with the benefit of peer evaluation and input.


Our goal is to provide writing residents adequate time to realise their full competencies, while providing optimum service to our clients. We have determined that a three-month programme is best suited to meet these goals, and this structure allows us to provide an evaluation and feedback plan, as well as present workshops in a systematic and chronological fashion. The programme is featured as a 12-week term, with new arrivals accepted every six weeks. Nearing the completion of your 12-week stay, you should be prepared for an intensive work schedule. Your free time will be entirely dependent upon your ability to work quickly, which you’ll get better at throughout your stay. During non-working hours, you may take the opportunity to explore the wonders of Thailand’s tropical paradise, Koh Samui.


At the completion of the 12-week writing bootcamp, each resident will receive a certificate of completion, a letter of recommendation, online access to published works, and access to the network of past Content Castle graduates, a great source for networking and freelance opportunities (this is in the works, and we hope to have it set up soon).

Successful completion of all classes will prepare you to compete in the free market as a highly qualified writer, with a professional portfolio, a certificate of completion, and a letter highlighting your skills and accomplishments while participating in the programme.

Further, you will be working alongside fellow writers, exchanging ideas and inspiration, learning and mentoring, and building connections and friendships to last a lifetime.

In addition, top performers will be considered to partner with Archipelago Communications, for what may possibly be your first paid contractor gig! 

What’s the cost?

Our three-month programme costs $200 USD to cover some resident expenses, and we ask our residents to write 7,500 words per week–this could be on a variety of topics, from travel and hospitality, lifestyle and tech, business and more. You’ll get real-world writing experience to help build up your portfolio, as well as feedback on your work to help you grow as an author.

How much free time will I have?

Our intensive writing bootcamp is the equivalent of a full-time job. While some writing residents do find the time to work on their own projects, many find it necessary to concentrate all their energy on Castle work. So in other words, don’t plan on finishing writing your book during your time with us. Still, your free time will be entirely dependent on how quickly and efficiently you work (skills you’ll likely find improve throughout your stay).

That said, you won’t be glued to your laptop the entire time (we hope not, anyways!), and how you spend your non-working hours is up to you: you can choose to spend your free time beach- or pool-side, reading from our Best Books Ever Collection, working on personal projects, doing freelance work, or whatever you like. At The Castle, you get out as much as you put in.

What’s included?

If accepted, you’ll get your own private room and two home-cooked meals a day every day except Friday. You’ll have fibre-optic WiFi to keep you connected to the world (but remember, it’s a tropical island in Thailand, so it’s not perfect), access to free laundry facilities, balconies with inspirational views of the ocean or mountains, and a cheery housekeeper named Cherry to keep things running orderly so you can immerse yourself in the craft of writing.

  • You’ll get real-world experience as a writer and editor who has successfully demonstrated that you can write to client specifications, on deadline, with the portfolio and a personal recommendation to prove it.
  • You’ll earn some much-coveted bylines and build your portfolio.
  • You’ll develop your skills and various tools to help you excel as a remote or “digital nomad” writer.
  • Learn tips to stay abreast of breaking SEO developments, and polish your pitches for magazines, online sources, and corporations.

If you are a writer with raw or developed talent who would love to develop the tools and talents needed to build your reputation as a writer, to help you launch a digital career or if you simply want to hone your skills for that novel, poetry compilation, screenplay, or a career in communications, we encourage you to APPLY NOW

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