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Top 10 Digital Nomad books to read

Kaila Krayewski
10th July 2018

Are you looking for new titles to read in your free time, lying in a hammock in paradise or sitting on the train en route to your next destination? 

The abundance of literature addressing topics such as productivity, entrepreneurship, and travelling from a digital nomad point of view shows a growing interest in the industry.

Whether you’re a veteran, brand-new or aspiring digital nomad, you’ll find a selection of books worth reading.

Bestselling authors, international gurus, digital nomads, world travellers, and new writers are all included on our top-10 list.

Are you new to the Digital Nomad world? This book is for you. The title speaks for itself. You will find plenty of useful tips and advice to take your nomadism to your dream destination. From choosing the best locations, to setting a budget, to finding the best housing options, this is the quintessential guide for the newbie nomad.

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A bit of food for your thoughts. Destination Earth is an invigorating personal account of a “slow traveller” embarking on meaningful and purposeful travel. Nicos Hadjicostis’ book is a must-read for the nomad seeking a philosophical take on the travel life.

The No. 1 Bestselling author of The 4-hour workweek, Tim Ferriss new book surprises us with a compilation of tools, tactics, tips, and habits from more than 130 of the world’s top performers. This tribe of mentors has billionaires, athletes, entrepreneurs, and artists all with a unique view.

Travel guides are good for vacations, but isn’t it true that as a digital nomad there is something missing in these guides? This series, by Barbara Riedel (and an occasional co-author), has been created with the digital nomad in mind. These are the available cities (so far): Palermo, Frankfurt, Budapest, Bucharest, Tarifa, Las Palmas, Dubai, Cabarete, Singapore, Canggu, Ubud, Saigon, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and Chiang Mai. If you are planning to visit one of these cities, don´t forget to check this guide. You will find information about where to live short, mid, and long term, coworking spaces, the best WiFi spots, the best coffee, and of course, what to visit and do in town to live like a local.

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The author, Natalie Sisson is on a mission “to create freedom in business and adventure in life, for herself and 1,000,000 entrepreneurs by 2020.” This book wants to help you build a business you can run from anywhere in the world. She teaches us how to packages and sell our skills to run a profitable online business. This is already the third edition of the book that is a worthwhile read if you want to be a digital entrepreneur.

If you are planning to travel and take your live on the road, you should read how to live in a van and travel. The author travels around Europe in his van. The book, by Mike Hudson, has stories and helpful tips.

Chris Bailey spent a year of his life performing experiments to find what makes him more productive. This book has a very practical approach with many tips to increase your productivity. It is a fresh, personal, and entertaining exploration into this topic.

Are you a foodie? You will like this book. Aren’t a foodie yet? This book will change you. “Gastronomad,” says the author, “is a foodie who travels a lot” “Gastronomad living is craft—and art” Through its pages, you will discover the most amazing food cultures in the world. By Linden Schaffer and Andrew McCarthy

Not being rooted in one spot should not be an excuse to put aside your health. The truth is, you may have to learn new ways how to do it and find new health habits to eat better and to exercise. This book can be your guide to cope with health and travelling.

Are you in a digital nomad family? This series of Vagabonding with Kids is fun to read and you will find many useful tips about being a digital nomad with kids. AK Turner has already written about other destinations like Australia, Brazil, Alaska, Mexico, Spain, always with her characteristic style and humour. Nomadic Matt says about her, “If Bill Bryson were a travelling mom, he’d be AK Turner’s spirit animal.”

Written by:
Alexia Bergstrom is a Swedish writer, currently working on her debut novel. Follow her cheeky adventures on instagram @thealexicat and on her blog, www.theAlexicat.com

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