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The Story Behind The Content Castle

Kaila Krayewski

9th January 2016

Doesn’t every writer have a dream to move to a tropical island and finally finish that book they know they have inside them? Well, I certainly did – that was my inspiration for backpacking around Southeast Asia – to find that perfect spot to finally write my book.

Well, I found it. On a picturesque tropical island called Koh Samui, with its very own airport and all the facilities and shops you could ever need, with tranquil, hidden spots that hark back to a time before tourism blanketed its sandy shores: in short, it has the best of all worlds.

The content castle

This is the house as I first saw it. Something compelling about it immediately drew me to its doorstep.

When I first looked at the house that is currently being transformed into The Content Castle, it wasn’t that it was particularly impressive – it was old and dusty and had so many mismatched, ugly tiles, it looked like someone went out of their way to make it look weird – it was the potential I saw in it. Where most people would have seen dirt and cracks and holes in every corner, I pictured transforming this exquisite structure into a haven for writers, where they could grow and develop as scribes surrounded by inspirational settings, creative spaces, libraries full of the best books ever written. When I stepped out onto the old, filthy, unkempt balcony and saw the sea view, I imagined around me a lively barbeque party with hammocks and comfy lounge chairs and reggae music. I knew in that instance it was time to make my dream a reality.

“I knew in that instance it was time to make my dream a reality.”

I recruited my fiance who is a project manager with nearly 10 years experience, and one of my good friends who is a trained interior designer to help me with the project, and we are now in the midst of building something…well, awesome.

Follow our progress as we transform this dusty old house into a modern day writers’ mansion. We post daily across social media – you can find us here on Facebook, here on Twitter, and here on Instagram.

Lounge area at the content castle koh samui

Our interior designer’s 3D drawings exactly capture how I envisioned the Castle’s transformation. This is her design for our Lounge Zone.

We are looking for talented writers (even if you’ve never been published, but think you have it in you!) to apply for one- to three-month residencies. We are also looking for authors, writing instructors, and anyone with a trick of the trade they’d like to teach while they are passing through to apply to give workshops and classes at our Castle. Simply click here and submit your applications.

“Be a part of something new, something stunning, something amazing – the opportunity of a lifetime. The Content Castle is getting ready for you.”

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