What our past students say...

Joe Flaten

“I had the best time at this workshop. The people, the stories, the invaluable knowledge. I couldn’t have asked for more well organized and professional team to help answer any and all questions regarding the dream job a “tropical writer”. Truly a once in a life time opportunity to work with the greats!”

Nazia Tariq

“I have always enjoyed writing and was looking for creative writing courses when a friend directed me to this workshop and i signed up for it immediately. Through this workshop i not only gained insight and knowledge but also developed a strong network of friends who support, inspire and encourage each other to attain our goals as writers and bloggers. The workshop for us ended but learning continues. This was one of the best investments I made.”

Carolann Hughes


“Attending the Tropical Writers’ Workshop was one of the best decisions I ever made. My boyfriend, Macrae, and I started a travel and lifestyle blog and while in Bangkok we were told about the Tropical Writer’s Workshop on Koh Tao. We weren’t too sure if we wanted to uproot our travel plans and take on the added costs but we had been looking for a way to develop our skills and further our knowledge and decided that it would be an investment in furthering our goals.”

When we wrapped up after the first day the two of us both felt like we had learned 2 weeks’ worth of valuable information in the one day! Between the writing skills, travel writing, social media and web design components the workshop provided us with a wealth of information.

My writing has improved greatly and my confidence has been bolstered. We’ve been given the tools and resources to improve on our website design and enhance our social media following and engagement. In just a month, we’ve seen some amazing improvements in ourselves, in our site and following and in the work we’ve produced.

We had truly incredibly instructors and were lucky to have an amazing group of fellow attendees. We left the workshop with more than just knowledge and skills – we left with new friends, part of a group of people invested in each other’s success and dedicated to helping each other achieve our goals.”

Caitlin Krahn

“I was beyond lucky enough to stay at The Content Castle for 3 months this summer, and now that those 3 months have ended and I’ve moved on, I can’t stop thinking about it – I miss it so much I feel homesick for it, of all things! What an amazing experience. I can’t even express how much I’ve learned and grown as a writer, but not only that – as a person too! SUPER cheesy to say I know, but it’s not every day you get to live in a foreign country, where running on a beach at sunrise becomes routine, writing all day is your “job”, and afternoons are spent reading piles of books in hammocks or sitting with puppies in the ocean, right across the street! It’s not your typical lazy tourist holiday (thank goodness!) – it’s something so much more than that. Any hard work you put in is seriously rewarded, which makes it the kind of experience worth remembering. I miss The Castle “family” so much – what an irreplaceable community! With all my heart, I know this place is going to be huge someday – I can’t recommend it highly enough! Writers everywhere – apply apply apply!”

Rhiannon Robertson

“I had an absolutely amazing and unforgettable time at the Castle! I gained so much experience and forged some lifelong friendships there with some brilliant like minded people”

Kelsey Krahn

“I love staying here! The location is wonderful. The sea is across the road, the market is 200m down the road (also 7/11), and waterfalls are walking distance away (for those who enjoy long walks!).
The people there are the best! Esp. Mena the in-house chef. She is so friendly and makes GREAT FOOD. And even caters to annoying food problems like my own (gluten-free). I also love when we have game nights!
I also love waking up and writing. The Castle is a relaxing place to stay and I find I’m able to concentrate easily there. Sometimes I write for 8 hours straight in the same spot without even noticing how much time has gone by. It’s great!”

Juliette Phangan

“What better working environment can you dream of? Cozy, pretty, comfy, colorful, friendly, inspirational and on a topical island… This is it”

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