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Refreshing Drinks Within 5 Minutes of The Castle
Part II

Kaila Krayewski

Wendy Stein

11th September 2018

In our last installment we featured four refreshing drinks within walking distance of The Castle. Our biggest challenge was maintaining a “short list” because of all the options. So we’ve  continued on this theme and present here four more delicious drinks, all within a five minute


Lounge area at the content castle koh samui


Price: 25 THB

Walking distance from The Castle: 4 to 6 minutes

Turning right out of The Content Castle leads you past L’Bamboo, Ancient Noodles, and 7-11, and into the market.This unnamed market stall is halfway down the road on the right-hand side under a blue awning. For a real local’s experience, you can’t miss the sight of the fantastically coloured pink milk tea. The pink colour comes from a syrup made of sugar, artificial ingredients, and roselle. There is usually a group of people sipping their coffees and teas alongside you, and sometimes they are friendly enough to teach you new words in Thai, such as “arroy” (meaning delicious), which you will say many times after sipping this sweet treat.

Lounge area at the content castle koh samui



Price: 60THB

Walking distance from The Castle: 1 minute

Turn left from The Castle and head to the food court at the gigantic Guan Yu statue. ‘N’ is found closest to the sculpture, on the right-hand side. It is run by a married couple who have lived on this island since before the arrival of running water, electricity, and even phones. Ask Mrs. Na what it was like when electricity arrived to Koh Samui and she’ll smile real big, and tell you how they were cool for the first time. Stories aside, this air-conditioned cafe is loaded with refreshing treats sure to keep you cool. Though this island is famous for its coconuts, it is rare to find them in this neighborhood. You can get one here when in season, with or without vegan coconut ice cream and an array of compelling toppings you add on your own.

Lounge area at the content castle koh samui

    Price: 30 THB

    Walking distance from The Castle: 10 minutes

    Cross the street at Guan Yu, turn left when you hit the ocean, and walk along the beach for about a five minutes. TikiTiki Beach Hostel is the furthest location on our top eight list, but you won’t regret barefooting it to this lively waterfront hostel. The menu does not disappoint with its top-quality libations. I recommend a fruit juice, shake, or smoothie. Shakes are generally made with fruit, ice, and water (all natural,of course), smoothies have yogurt, and if you want ice cream, they can blend it in for a small fee when available. Try the kiwi shake if it is in season. Otherwise the banana shake is like a trusted friend, always there when you need one.

Lounge area at the content castle koh samui



Price: 30 to 60 THB

Walking distance from The Castle: 3 to 5 minutes

When I asked the locals where I could find a drink, nine times out of 10 they suggested 7-11—obviously, right? Just down the street to the right from The Castle is the closest 7-11. There is an enormous range of interesting beverages to quench any size of thirst. Some of the more compelling drinks include the cooling aloe beverages in various flavours. There is a mindblowing array of coffee and energy drinks, including several different flavors of Red Bull, Thailand’s own White Shark, and Korean ginseng drinks. It’s fun to experiment with the different flavours and combinations as there are just so many to choose from.




Many locals set up shops just outside their front door vying to appeal to the passing tourist as they scurry from one destination to the next. One never really knows what treasure lies just around the next bend. But here on our little bend of the Ring Road, we have plenty of options, from beachside restaurants, farmer’s markets, hostels, and fancy restaurants. You can choose your concoction by colour, alcohol or caffeine content, or go all natural with fresh tropical fruits blends. Then decide: do you want that sweet ocean view, do you prefer to hang with the locals, or are you content with the trendy tourist destinations?




By Wendy Stein

Wendy is a Saigon-based freelance writer, photographer, storywriter from the USA who writes about traditional healing, life abroad, travel, healthy lifestyles, as well as short stories inspired by her travels. She can be found practicing tai chi, exploring the various massage offerings, or tasting new foods and drinks. https://wendywends.wordpress.com/

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