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Wendy Stein

3rd September 2018

Writing can be hard work. Add a little sunshine, a good dose of tropical humidity, and suddenly a nice cold, refreshing drink becomes a priority–as well as a convenient pick-me-up. Koh Samui has many choices for finding that delectable refreshment. But if you’re on a deadline, where to go that’s near The Castle?

In this, our first installment, we’ve selected four great drinks in the neighbourhood for $1 to 4 USD each. Venues range from stools at the local market to upscale, oceanfront bistros. Whatever your desire, a refreshing drink is just a hop, skip, and a jump from The Castle’s front door.

Lounge area at the content castle koh samui


Price: 89 THB

Walking distance from The Castle: less than 1 minute

L’Bamboo Cafe is the closest place to get a drink without having to cross the street—which can be a big deal on the Ring Road. With a sign reading 89 THB Cocktails, how can you not sample the cocktails where you can actually taste the alcohol? The drinks have fun names such as Cherry Bomb, Blue Lagoon, and the Bamboo Special, and the British proprietor is happy to offer clever suggestions for just the right cocktail based on your mood, who’s won the World Cup, or what you may (or may not) have done last night (no judgments!). Pictured above is the refreshing Poker Face, made of tequila, vodka, grenadine, and pineapple juice. It’s sweet, sour, and strong, so a person may lose their poker face if opting for a second round.

Lounge area at the content castle koh samui



Price: 120 THB

Walking distance from The Castle: 30 seconds to 5 minutes

Vitamin Sea is right across the street, meaning you may need a refreshing drink after standing in the heat of the day waiting for traffic to clear so you can safely cross the street. French owned, it is upscale with a pleasant view of the beach from the open-air restaurant. Electronic music sets the tone and will pump you with energy. In the midday heat, I opted for a pineapple shake, which is simply fresh pineapple blended with ice. The tall glass of cold, frothy, deliciousness, topped with a slice of pineapple, hit the spot.  

Lounge area at the content castle koh samui

    Price: 60 THB

    Walking distance from The Castle: 30 seconds to 5 minutes

    Located right next to Vitamin sea, with the same gorgeous sea views, it has a more casual cafe vibe, with bar stools and bean bag chairs at wooden tables overlooking the reef.  I was drawn to the iced matcha tea, yet opted for the famous Thai Milk Tea on ice, which locals call Cha Yen. It is traditionally made with a special spiced Ceylon tea, brewed strong with spices, sweetened with condensed milk, served over crushed ice, and topped with more milk, making for a delectable, sweet, and earthy cooler that is all too easy to slurp down quickly. The caffeine content in this Thai treat is rather high, making it a perfect choice if you need to pull an all-nighter.

Lounge area at the content castle koh samui



Price: Free with 10 THB curry puffs. Other drinks are 30 THB

Walking distance from The Castle: 2 minutes

From The Castle’s front door, turn right and continue past L’Bamboo to arrive at Ancient Noodles restaurant near the end of our block. Who can resist a naturally blue-coloured drink? The butterfly pea flower tea, mixed with cooling lemongrass awaits you with a pot on every table. It’s mild and refreshing, loaded with antioxidants, and believed to benefit the brain and prevent wrinkles. It is the perfect drink for writers, increasing our vitality so we can work more efficiently and become more beautiful at the same time.

These are just four of many options in the Hua Thanon area. There are so many selections, in fact, that we will feature four more refreshing drinks—all within a five-minute walk from The Castle—in our next segment.




By Wendy Stein

Wendy is a Saigon-based freelance writer, photographer, storywriter from the USA who writes about traditional healing, life abroad, travel, healthy lifestyles, as well as short stories inspired by her travels. She can be found practicing tai chi, exploring the various massage offerings, or tasting new foods and drinks. https://wendywends.wordpress.com/

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