Welcome to The Content Castle!

Wordsmiths unite in a colourful island home complete with inspiring workplaces, restful nooks and sustainable friendships. Call it the food for thought, tropical, time and space continuum for an eclectic mix of writers, happily sharing their craft on the world stage of cyberdome.
Rolling applications accepted for residency at the Content Castle here in beautiful Koh Samui, where word power and wanderlust collide.


Perfect your writing, polish your editing, and refine your grammar acumen with our three-month, intensive writer’s boot camp designed to teach you the skills to master the production of SEO rich content while building a professional portfolio, bringing you one step closer to realizing your dream of becoming an independent, nomadic writer.


Whether you are an aspiring writer or come with a catalogue of experience, you are welcome to apply. We are looking for candidates with a strong passion for writing. If you have always fancied yourself something of a wordsmith we want to hear from you!

All we need is your name and email address to get this adventure started…

What our past residents have to say…


“I leave today having risen to a challenge that I had set for myself, with some of my articles published (a few more to come too), as well as recognised bylines and the makings of a portfolio as a freelance writer!
There has been self-doubts ….. tonnes of them, there has been tears, there has been writing blocks of epic proportions… but there has also been incredible mentorship, friendship, passion and excitement about these topics, a huge amount of education, adventures and tonnes of laughs too!”


“My time at the Content Castle was refreshing and empowering. It gave me what I needed to jumpstart my freelance writing and reignite my passion for it.”


“As a brand new business model, Content Castle is revolutionizing the concept of creating content while simultaneously giving writers of all backgrounds refuge. Growing at what I love while calling Samui home, despite the downsides (mosquitoes, a motorbike accident, snake sightings, over barring or batshit crazy roommates, tinder dates and so many deadlines) has vindicated my decision to pursue this nomadic lifestyle.”


“I stayed at The Content Castle for two months at the start of 2018 and what an amazing and crazy two months they were! I loved the house, met some truly awesome people and learnt a LOT, including things I can take forward and use in my own business.”


“I’m now starting out as a freelance writer and am so thankful for my time at The Castle. It wasn’t a retreat, it was hard work, but there were a lot of fun times along the way. “


“Any hard work you put in is seriously rewarded, which makes it the kind of experience worth remembering. I miss The Castle “family” so much – what an irreplaceable community! With all my heart, I know this place is going to be huge someday – I can’t recommend it highly enough! Writers everywhere – apply apply apply!”


“I stayed at The Castle for a month and would recommend this experience to anyone. The beautiful oceanside location allowed me to spend my days working on the beach (or anywhere with WiFi) and it was really close to great cafes and night markets! I was definitely challenged in my writing and editing abilities, and the feedback I received was invaluable for my growth as a writer.”


Sunny in Samui: Amateur Writers Unite at the Content Castle

Your first day is for you to get settled in. This is your chance to wander around The Castle that will be your new home for the next three months. Get to know your new housemates, unpack your things, and maybe recharge yourself after that long journey with a nap in one of the many hammocks. Naps are a luxury you might not have every day, so take advantage of this chance while you can. Soon after, we’ll start throwing work on you.

Life Transitions: Dealing with Change and the Unknown

“‘It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform.’ —Roy T.

Perhaps you’re embarking upon a new job, a new relationship or a new creative project. Perhaps you’re moving across the world or finally coming home.
Whatever the case, your life is about to change.
And so are you.

Applying for a Remote Job

An idyllic rooftop view, Instagrams of your coffee and laptop on a Koh Samui beach–what’s not
to love about working remotely? Building a decent client base and ensuring steady cash flow is
often the biggest challenge faced by adventure-loving impresarios. Snagging remote jobs can
be tough, with the average number of applicants for any given job as high as 250, according to
Glassdoor.com. So if you’re looking to supercharge your cover letter, CV and portfolio, read on
for some top tips.

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