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The Roomie room at Content Castle Samui


Kaila Krayewski grew up in Canada, moving between Toronto and Vancouver island. With a Bachelor’s in Journalism from Carleton University, she later went on to get her Master’s in International Relations from the University of Sussex. At the age of 21, Kaila moved to Japan to teach English. During a school holiday, she and her family decided to visit Thailand, and Kaila fell in love with the islands of Koh Samui and Koh Phangan and vowed to one day live here. After leaving Japan and completing her Master’s, Kaila backpacked around Southeast Asia for a year, finally settling in Bangkok, where she worked as the Executive Editor for a luxury travel magazine, Inbound Asia. Kaila later fulfilled her dreams and moved down to the Thai islands. With over 18 years of experience in writing, editing, marketing and media communications, she has since established The Content Castle on the island of Koh Samui, where hopeful writers and editors can gain real-life experience in the field. Kaila lives on Koh Phangan with her fiancé Fraser and her three pups.
The Boidour Room at the content castle samui

Jill Marie Anderson

Jill Marie Anderson is The Content Castle’s on-site Manager. Born in California, Jill has had her fair share of traveling the world and is now settling down in Koh Samui to keep things running smoothly at The Castle.

Jill has a degree in English Literature with a minor in Art. With experience as a technical writer, an editor, a software and computer game reviewer, a bookkeeper, a tax preparer, a retirement plan administrator, an equestrian, a model, and a disc jockey, she truly is a Jack (or Jill!) of all trades.

Jill says that Stephen King is responsible for making her want to become a writer. The books that have influenced her the most are Salem’s Lot by Stephen King and God and the New Physics by Paul Davies. Her guilty pleasure? “Trash novels”, as she calls them, which are novels she can finish reading in 48 hours and throw away without feeling bad.

The aristocrat room at Content Castle Samui

Cherry May

Cherry May is The Content Castle’s resident housekeeper and chef. A native of Myanmar, Cherry came to Thailand five years ago to work in a resort as a cook and housekeeper. She returned home for three years and then returned to Thailand to cook in a restaurant serving Thai and American food. Three months into her stay, she happened upon a Facebook ad for the Content Castle . . .

Cherry says she loves her job. What she loves most (besides Kaila) is the quiet, easy-going vibe of The Castle. Even more than that, she loves the constant rotation of new residents from all around the world: getting to know them, picking up different phrases in English, and seeing their happy faces after she’s prepared one of her homemade Thai meals (she takes great pride in feeding us delicious food).

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