By Rae Hadley

“There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio, 

Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”


William Shakespeare

Yes, you heard that right! Communication and consultation with celestial beings, and why not?

The process for communing with a higher power has long been shared, discussed, and utilised.  Well-known writers and poets have been documenting their attempts to access ‘spirit’ as a means to transform their work or ask for answers pertinent to their lives, as far back as the 16th century. This practice became more socially and culturally prominent during the 1800s, at a time in which the ’paranormal’ was in vogue.  

In the 1870s, T. P. James, an unknown printer in Vermont, USA, ‘communed’ with the spirit of Charles Dickens as a means of receiving the final part of “The Mystery of Edwin Drood” following the death of the writer. This appears to have been, in part, a reaction to the distress that the book’s unfinished nature caused to Dickens’ avid readers. 

Sherlock Holmes’ creator, Arthur Conan Doyle, the romantic poet WB Yeats, and their respective wives all engaged in this process. The wives held public sessions where they asked for information and posed questions of recently departed individuals and of the heavenly host at large.  

Understanding the Process

Another name for this particular method to search for “spirit” is Automatic Writing. This is not to be confused with Free Writing, which differs in subtle ways and has its feet more firmly planted in the psychological rather than the spiritual aspects of this art form.

There is, as, with everything, controversy about the ‘truth’ in this concept and ‘truth’ can manifest for individuals in subjective as well as objective ways. This article won’t tell you what or how to believe; instead, it simply describes how to tap into a level of ‘inspiration’ which you might not have considered before.

So, here is your Automatic Writing “How-To“ guide:

  1. Choose your method. There is no ‘correct’ way to document the writing as it flows through you. Some people prefer the old-school physicality of pen and paper, while others prefer to dissociate themselves from their fingers as they fly across the keyboard of a computer. Most importantly, you should be able to relax into the process and go with what feels most natural for you.
  2. Find a calm, safe environment in which to engage with your task. If you don’t feel relaxed and confident, then your flow will be inhibited. The trick? Choose a private, secure place in which to write.
  3. Spend a few minutes calming your breath and your mind. Meditate with your eyes closed or open, as feels comfortable, and hold contact with the pen and paper. If you’re working on a computer, you can keep it open and maintain soft contact with the keys. 
  4. After a few minutes–or when you feel suitably relaxed–allow your fingers to move across the keyboard or your pen to flow across the page. Keep an ‘open’ mind and allow thoughts to flow with no judgement or concern as to where they come from.
  5. Ask questions of your angels; be specific and write whatever comes to mind, without the need to understand the ‘answer’.
  6. Write for the time you have allocated yourself and then emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically ground yourself by bringing your full consciousness to your location and the structure of your body. Some people find that doing something physically active, like rubbing their limbs, torso, or head and face helps them to redefine their bodily boundaries. Other people like to jump up and down–or even have a shower. The important thing is to consciously move from the state of full ‘openness’ to your usual, daily state of ‘containment’.
  7. After a time (it could be an hour, or maybe even a day…the choice is yours) re-read the writing and see what has manifested itself on your page. Don’t judge–simply read with a heart of curiosity!  The treasure you seek may turn up today, tomorrow, or even next week. Indeed, the gems we need are often unexpected, unbidden ones, so remain reflective and seize ideas and possibilities.

Note – If you feel the slightest bit emotionally (as opposed to physically) uncomfortable or are imagining and writing dark, upsetting, or negative things, then STOP. Bring your awareness back to your immediate environment. Focus your contact with the ground, and imagine that you are surrounded with clean, bright, positively charged light. Throughout this process, it is important to trust yourself and your instincts, so move away if you feel distressed and come back to the session at a later time.

Deriving Meaning

Whatever shows up, it is important to consider the meaning in the way that ‘feels’ the most right. Our intuition is a powerful source of knowledge, and while we often don’t understand how or why we know something, we know that we do. Stay connected to the ethos of trusting in yourself and allow knowledge to bubble up without restriction.

With this method, as with all sorts of other processes–be they spiritual, physical, or intellectual–engagement and practice are essential. The more one does this, the easier it becomes and the greater the capacity there is for opening up, receiving wisdom, and journeying to places previously uncharted.

So find a cosy place to relax, mentally and spiritually open up, and see what insights arrive for you…today, tomorrow, or far into the future.  Whenever you feel that contact with celestial beings will enhance your present moment, provide guidance, and add an element of creative joy into your life.

The ‘truth,’ after all, is simultaneously inside and out there.

If you’re interested in pursuing this practice, the following provides some further reading:

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