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Creating a Killer Portfolio

Kaila Krayewski

Kaye Chang

26th June 2018

Being a freelance writer can be a profitable career, but for you to get started as one, you need a portfolio to showcase your work. Before you can get the job, you need a writing portfolio. It helps build your online presence and your personal brand.

You can start from scratch or look to create a specific portfolio. There are a lot of websites that specialize in providing a portfolio platform for freelance writers. Here is an in-depth guide to help you create a killer writing portfolio.

Choose Your Pieces

Here is one of the hardest part: What do you need to include in your writing portfolio? How many pieces should you include?

Your portfolio needs to represent you as a writer and your personal brand. If you are marketing yourself as a finance writer, you would want to include your best pieces. Articles that reflect your unique voice and are straightforward.

When creating a portfolio, a lot of people think that you need to include everything that you have written. This is where new freelancers fall into a trap. They want to show pieces of evidence that they wrote several pieces. But the truth is, you only need to include the best out of your recent work. The top pieces in your portfolio are what people read the most.

The number of samples varies from one writer to another, but a good healthy balance would include about 5 to 10 of the best pieces.

Here is a pro tip: Compile all your published works in a simple spreadsheet, whether they are blog posts, listicles, articles, ebooks, or documents. Make sure that you include the links to the articles, publication dates, titles, and other relevant information.

Where to Publish It

This is the fun part. Aside from your samples, you need a website that includes all the information about you. The purpose of this website is to sell yourself and your services by telling people that they should hire you.

Other writers create and design their own websites while there are others who create portfolio-based sites. If you want to go on a self-made route, you need to register a domain name that would work for your personal brand.

There are plenty of options to choose from. You can manage and host your own website or if you want a cheaper option, there are also portfolio sites that are design-ready and you can use for free. Here are some freemium ones that you can use.

Lounge area at the content castle koh samui
Lounge area at the content castle koh samui
Lounge area at the content castle koh samui
Lounge area at the content castle koh samui
Lounge area at the content castle koh samui

Here is a pro tip: Make sure to include these five essentials on your website:

  • Your name or brand name. Your name should be clearly visible on your website. You can also include your tagline so it is clear what you do.
  • About page. The about page includes your professional biography and your headshot. Consider including how you can help your potential clients rather than just talking about yourself.
  • Contact page. You absolutely need your contact information posted. Include your email and social media links. If you would rather not to give out your email address, you can include a contact form for your potential clients to get in touch with you.
  • Testimonials. Your client reviews and testimonials can go a long way in convincing your potential clients that you are worth their time and investment. Don’t hesitate to include testimonials from your past clients, reviews, and other media coverage that can showcase your expertise.
  • Easy Menu or Navigation. Don’t make it hard for your potential clients to find the information that they need. Use straightforward and standard navigation menus and label each page clearly.

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Promote Your Website

Now that your website is done, you need to promote your portfolio. A good place to start is to include your website in all your social media profiles. You can also add it as a part of your email signature. Don’t forget to use it on your business cards as well.

Creating an online portfolio is necessary if you want to establish a successful writing career and to attract potential clients. Now is the time to build your own killer portfolio so you can promote yourself and start landing more paid writing gigs.

Lounge area at the content castle koh samui

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