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A Day in the Life of a Resident

29th March 2017

By 8:30 am, the golden light peaks through my translucent blue curtains that are twisting to the rhythm of the fan. I flop back and forth and in and out of my bright pink blanket and eventually my eyes bravely open and capture the vibrant decor surrounding me. Getting out of bed knowing I get to spend my morning collaborating with fellow creatives, to going off and writing content pieces to munching on delicious Thai meals and playing games and polishing off cold drinks with friends is a pretty exciting feeling. I can’t believe I am actually abroad and trying out this whole writing thing.

For breakfast, I run to the nearby 7/11 to buy a package of 10 THB broad beans, which may – to the Western mind – sound gross and weird but are actually quite tasty. There are several breakfast options around: early in the morning the lady next door sells sweet coconut sticky rice wrapped in bamboo, a great option for a sweet tooth. In between the 7/11 is a restaurant that sells English breakfasts. However, I always opt for a package of broad beans. I take my “savoury” breakfast with me to the to the air-conditioned chilled room, where I join other aspiring writers. We discuss techniques on how to make stories and characters magically appear from the fairy dust of our imaginations. Spending time tapping into my creative side is like yoga for the mind. I find that beginning my day by momentarily stepping away from the calls of reality and reverting back to my childlike spirit, where I am journeying the depths of a make-believe world, releases stress.

One of my favourite creative spaces!

After three hours of adjusting and developing my story, P. Mena, The Castle’s lovely in-house chef, knocks on the door and lets us know that lunch is ready. Her meals are brimming with an array of spices, flashes of sweetness, and a smorgasbord of healthy delights, and of course are topped off with the traditional Asian staple – rice or noodles.

After lunch, I meander through the halls of the Castle and pick and choose the perfect creative space to compose words. Sometimes I sit at the bamboo table on the side balcony; other times I sway back in forth in the hammocks, or I sit across from our wooden book boat collection and underneath our shelf holding our “Best Books Ever Collection.” For the next few hours, I focus on content describing pristine beaches, adventurous hikes and prime snorkelling locations.

“I find that beginning my day by momentarily stepping away from the calls of reality and reverting back to my childlike spirit, where I am journeying the depths of a make-believe world, releases stress.”

Somedays I opt to wander the village with my boyfriend, where we can take in the sights and sounds of Hua Thanon. We walk through the market where vendors decorate their stands with colourful tropical fruit, our pace usually picks up as soon as the repugnant fish stench flies into our noses, but taking in the smells and sights of an Authentically-Thai area is enlivening. The path continues to lead us past the vendors and further away from any wayward tourists through lush palm trees and out onto a white sandy shore, where the crystal clear ocean water flirts with our toes.

Not only is the food good, but the people sitting around the table are pretty cool too!

On the way back, we typically pick up some drinks from 7/11 and greet our friends at The Castle. We spend the evening indulging in P. Mena’s tasty dinner, playing games and drinking cold refreshing drinks. Sometimes we make our way to a nearby restaurant or we venture out into Samui’s busiest and liveliest village, Chaweng. Or we explore cheerful Lamai, the second-largest village in Samui. It exudes a slightly quieter atmosphere than Chaweng, but is still as energetic and it neighbours Hua Thanon, where The Castle is located. While still retaining a Thai charm, it is also home to Western comforts for those looking for a taste of home – from McDonald’s to juicy burgers sold at Bondi Aussie Bar and Grill and more!

I can’t believe I get to wake up in a comfortable queen-sized bed inside a beautiful palace, where I eat tasty meals, have a space to create, and where conversations, games, and stories unfold until the stars dot the sky. All the while I have an array of palm trees and the sea as my backdrop.

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