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Books: Therapy for the soul

6th June 2017

With my hands behind my head, resting on my french plait, I sit back in the white wicker rocking chair away from my laptop. The gentle breeze from the oscillating fan brushes against my face. I am having one of those challenging days in life where my blood pressure is through the roof and I can’t concentrate on what I’m supposed to be doing.

Rolling my head back with a sigh, my eyes wander over to the “Best Books Ever Collection” mini-library on the wall. Without reading anything in particular, my eyes scan the spines, and stop, right at the centre of the middle shelf on the book with the greyish blue cover and gold writing that reads “Labyrinth”. And for the first time today, I feel calm. I have a big grin on my face as thoughts of Ludo and the goblin king catapult me back to my youth. I start to rock, inspecting the rest of the books on the wall. I spend the next several minutes gazing at the book covers, and lose myself in memories.

Reading inspires creativity!

“The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho, a book that holds several sentiments as it was gifted to me by a dear old friend I no longer see. “Memoirs of a Geisha” by Arthur Golden, a book I had picked up whilst backpacking South East Asia. For three days I could not put it down, spending day and night rotating in awkward angles on the balcony, trying to savour the sunlight before it settled into the sea. “P.S. I Love You” by Cecelia Ahern, a tragic, but beautifully written, heart-warming novel that makes me tear up just at the thought of its content, simply by resting my eyes upon its cover.

“Being an avid reader shows me why anyone would want to be a writer. It’s a gift to share your emotion, characters, and stories with others.”

I look at the books I have never heard of, and the ones I am still hoping to read, and as I sit here, smiling, rocking in my chair — momentarily forgetting the worries that had preyed on my tender mind a few moments prior — I feel rejuvenated, inspired. I feel at peace.

This is the effect that these wordsmiths have given me by putting pen to paper, by taking me through a majestic rollercoaster of emotions by reading their works, by inspiring me to share my story today. Being an avid reader shows me why anyone would want to be a writer. It’s a gift to share your emotion, characters, and stories with others. Even if I never become a bestseller and only one person reads the words I write, and I end up making a difference to that one person, whether it be to inspire them, give them new knowledge, or just make them smile, to me that means my job as a writer is complete.

We can’t get enough of our Best Books Ever Collection and our comfortable wicker chairs.

To me, books are therapy for the soul.

The Content Castle is a haven where I can work towards developing the right skills that I hope to one day share with readers. Or at the very least, it helps me find inspiration from a rocking chair on a cloudy day.

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