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Aspiring Authors: Find your adventure in the great wide somewhere

6th July 2017

This year, the live-action Beauty and the Beast was released. The first chance I got to watch it was somewhere 39,000 feet above the ground, in a cramped seat on a tiny airplane screen, with little elbow room, minimal sound, and Chinese subtitles. And yet, I wouldn’t have traded that experience for a seat in any of the most comfortable, spacious, luxurious theatres in the world, because at long last, I was doing it. Me. Just an unknown Canadian, one of a million other aspiring authors in the world, with barely a penny to my name, chasing that million-in-one dream. I was going places. And best of all, I had Belle to supply the soundtrack.

It was only when Emma Watson sang the line, “I want adventure in the great wide somewhere,” that reality struck. This is probably one of the few times in life that getting struck by reality was a miraculous thing, instead of a dream-crushing defeat. As she sang that line, my first thought was, me too, Belle! All I’ve ever wanted in life was an adventure, a real adventure, so I’m pretty sure the majority of my waking hours since being old enough to form rational thought have revolved around daydreaming of one. From being swept away by fairytale sunsets and dragon-slaying princes on pretty horses, to more realistic dreams like jumping on planes to every corner of the world, dreaming has always been so much sweeter than reality. And so, it took me a second to realise that I was already on my way to an adventure in the great wide somewhere–I no longer needed to dream about it, because I was already living it.

Caitlin loves finding new books to read.

As a natural worry-wart, my brain is well known for anxiously dwelling on future fears and financial issues (which somehow still doesn’t stop me from buying too many books any time I set foot in the oh-so-dangerous bookstore), but sometimes the best remedy for these worries is throwing caution to the wind, facing them head on, and announcing that for once, I don’t care. As an aspiring author, I know that risk has to be part of the story if you want to write (or in this case, live) something worth telling, worth reading. But there comes a time in everyone’s life when reading about someone else’s adventures is no longer enough–eventually you have to set the fiction down, and pick up the pen to craft a new reality, and through this, still summon enough magic to escape to brighter, better places.

“As an aspiring author, I know that risk has to be part of the story if you want to write (or in this case, live) something worth telling, worth reading. “

When I stumbled upon The Content Castle during one of my many mindless Facebook news feed scrolls, I knew immediately that this was it, what I’d been looking for, wishing for, without even realising I had been. At the time, it had seemed too good to be true, and now that I’m officially here, it still feels that way. Time to write freely and with abandon on a tropical island in a beautiful house awash in colour and sunlight, and in great company, to boot? Yup, it still hasn’t sunk in that this is my reality now, and I’ve now been here almost three weeks. There’s a cosy library, a sprawling beach populated with playful puppies, local markets, fresh fruit, palm tree jungles, nearby pool resorts, the best iced coffee in the world, and perfect reading and writing nooks scattered everywhere. Need I go on? This place is inspiration in the making; it is imagination ready to be shaped into a story with soul. It is the ultimate haven for aspiring authors, who dream of not just time to write, but a beautiful place to do it. It is adventure in the great wide somewhere in every sense of the phrase–both in the novels waiting to be written, and in your own story waiting to be lived.

Cooling off in the waterfall! 

Dumbledore once said, “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” I have to say, it’s some of the wisest advice I’ve ever read, and even as a fiercely unapologetic dreamer like myself, reality doesn’t have to be so bad, if once in a while you’re willing to take the risk to change the story. If this is speaking your language, if you consider yourself an aspiring author, then apply to The Content Castle and get ready to start a new adventure, a brand new chapter, as early as today!

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