The Castle

Inspired by Asian Feng Shui, The Content Castle is designed to encourage writers’ creativity in a colourful and comfortable environment illuminated by energizing sunlight. The Castle is home to its own hand-selected library of classic and contemporary novels, unique nooks and seating areas, inspirational quotes, and informational graphics. You can choose to complete your writing assignments on a comfortable couch, in a room cooled by central AC, or in the hammocks on the breezy third-floor terrace.

The rooms

The Roomie room at Content Castle Samui

The Roomie

This is the largest and coolest room in the house. Shielded from the sunlight and set back away from the busy street, The Roomie’s ample space allows for comfortable lounging areas within the room, and the adjoining terrace provides views of the lush, tropical mountains and the infamous Guan Yu shrine.

The Boidour Room at the content castle samui

The Boudoir

This eclectic Asian-themed room has bursts of vibrant colour accented by a sun-lit, spacious layout. A comfortable and ample king-size mattress and inspirational decor make this boudoir perfect for a writer with a lively personality and strong sense of style. With a writing desk and balcony access, this is one of the Castle’s most sought-after rooms.

The aristocrat room at Content Castle Samui

The Aristocrat

This royal-inspired room nestled in the corner of the second floor is bright and stately. A queen-size bed sits atop a raised platform. The ample closet space, a writing desk, and the expansive space the mood for noble and stately creativity.

The Haven Room at the content castle samui

The Haven

Combining traditional Thai-style accommodation with chic decor and comfort, The Haven offers residents a cozy lair with a queen-size bed in the rear of the Castle, where the breeze and soothing sounds of the cicadas offer a relaxing backdrop for hours of writing.

The aristocrat room at Content Castle Samui

The Cirque

This fun, festival-styled room is as colourful as it is cozy, with a vibrant palette and funky, modish curios sourced from all over Thailand. This room is ideal for someone inspired by dynamic and vivid decor.

The Haven Room at the content castle samui

The Cavalier

This Asian-inspired room, with its antique vibe and rich colour scheme, inspires deep thoughts and esoteric imagination. Located on the third floor, The Cavalier offers a queen-size bed and views of the sparkling Gulf of Thailand. .

Kitchen & Lounge areas

The aristocrat room at Content Castle Samui

The Cuisinery

Our vibrantly-decorated kitchen reflects the sunny nature of our beautiful tropical island. This is the perfect place to start a yummy, luminous day and nourish your brain for optimal writing conditions. But don’t worry, our in-house chef will be doing most of the cooking, so you can focus on crafting beautiful prose.

The Haven Room at the content castle samui

Lounge area

This is your ultimate relaxation zone, perfect for chilling out and giving your mind a break after a challenging day of writing. You’ll fill your belly at our dining table with delicious, authentic Thai food prepared by our in-house chef, before retiring to the comfortable seating section where you can read, play board games with your fellow housemates, gossip, meditate, or even fall asleep! We won’t blame you if you do all of the above…

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