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The Castle

The Content Castle has been decorated specifically with a writer’s needs in mind. Inspired by Asian Feng Shui, the space is purpose-built to inspire, embolden, and invigorate writers, while casting off all spells of writers’ block with its libraries of classic novels by the greats, unique curios, writing workshops, inspirational quotes and informational graphics spread throughout the space, and of course, that fresh sea breeze that has sparked many a terrific text.

The rooms

The Roomie room at Content Castle Samui

The Roomie

With twin beds and a bold colour scheme, this shared bedroom is perfect for sharing with a friend…or a potential new friend! Ample space allows enough room for two to sleep and chillax, with the added bonus of a spacious balcony with mountain views, in the shadows of the popular and imposing Guan Yu shrine.

The Boidour Room at the content castle samui

The Boudoir

This eclectic Asian-themed room has bursts of vibrant colour combined with high-quality furnishings. A comfortable and ample king-size mattress and inspirational decor make this boudoir perfect for a writer with a lively personality and strong sense of style. This is one of the Castle’s most sought-after rooms, with its sea-facing position and balcony access.

The aristocrat room at Content Castle Samui

The Aristocrat

Feel like a princess in her royal suite in this palatially-inspired room filled with feminine touches and inspirational decor. A queen-size bed complemented by floral ornamentation sets the mood for noble and stately creativity.

The Haven Room at the content castle samui

The Haven

A beautiful alchemy of comfort and beauty come together to form The Haven, where chic decor inspires and delights, while a comfortable queen-size bed provides a soft, welcoming place to rest your head.

The aristocrat room at Content Castle Samui

The Cirque

This fun, festival-styled room is as colourful as it is cozy, with a vibrant palette and funky, modish curios sourced from all over Thailand. This room is ideal for someone inspired by dynamic and vivid decor.

The Haven Room at the content castle samui

The Cavalier

This Asian antique-inspired room with its rich colour-scheme inspires deep thoughts and esoteric imagination. Cozy and comfortable with a queen bed and closet space, ideally-positioned on the 2nd floor near creative spaces and bathroom.

Kitchen & Lounge areas

The aristocrat room at Content Castle Samui

The Cuisinery

Our vibrantly-decorated kitchen reflects the sunny nature of our beautiful tropical island. This is the perfect place to start a yummy, luminous day and nourish your brain for optimal writing conditions. But don’t worry, our in-house chef will be doing most of the cooking, so you can focus on crafting beautiful prose.

The Haven Room at the content castle samui

Lounge area

This is your ultimate relaxation zone, perfect for chilling out and giving your mind a break after a challenging day of writing. You’ll fill your belly at our dining table with delicious, authentic Thai food prepared by our in-house chef, before retiring to the comfortable seating section where you can read, play board games with your fellow housemates, gossip, meditate, or even fall asleep! We won’t blame you if you do all of the above…

What our past residents have to say...

Joe Flaten

"I had the best time at this workshop. The people, the stories, the invaluable knowledge. I couldn't have asked for more well organized and professional team to help answer any and all questions regarding the dream job a "tropical writer". Truly a once in a life time opportunity to work with the greats!"

Nazia Tariq

"I have always enjoyed writing and was looking for creative writing courses when a friend directed me to this workshop and i signed up for it immediately. Through this workshop i not only gained insight and knowledge but also developed a strong network of friends who support, inspire and encourage each other to attain our goals as writers and bloggers." Read more...

Carolann Hughes

"Attending the Tropical Writers’ Workshop was one of the best decisions I ever made. My boyfriend, Macrae, and I started a travel and lifestyle blog and while in Bangkok we were told about the Tropical Writer’s Workshop on Koh Tao." Read more... 

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