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5 Delicious Noodle soups within 100m of The Content Castle

Kaila Krayewski
Sharyn Nilsen

9th May 2018

We all get fed very well at The Content Castle with a range of delicious meals for lunch and dinner from Monday to Saturday. Breakfast and Sundays are the times to get out and explore the neighbourhood for some local delicacies.
The area we are in has quite a bit of Chinese influence. The big temple a few doors up is a Hainese temple, so many of the restaurants are serving up Chinese rather than Thai specialities.
The content castle
Ancient Noodle
Number 1
Head out of the Content Castle and turn right. About 100m down the road you’ll find a quaint little restaurant with a sign saying Ancient Noodles and another saying Meow Cafe. I don’t actually know whether the correct name is one or the other or both…It really doesn’t matter because the service and the smile from either sister are equally as welcoming.

I managed to work my way down much of the menu but finally settled on my favourite. I’m sure it has a name…but I just point to the top left picture on the wall behind the counter, and that does the trick. Plump fish balls, succulent pork, a crunchy cracker of sorts plus a few sneaky bits of scrummy pork rind made my morning. Team it up with an iced coffee, and you’ll be well set til lunch time. 50 THB for the noodles and 20 THB for the coffee.

They open at about 8.30 am (ish)


Lounge area at the content castle koh samui
Stewed pork thick noodles
Number 2
Same place, different dish. This one is number 2 on the left. A clearer broth with mainly fish balls.



A quaint hub attracting tourists and nomads from the neighbouring Fisherman’s Village, Tanpopo is also family friendly with an integrated play area and direct beach access. Overlooking Bophut beach with stunning views out to the other islands, nomads can choose to work outside or inside as both have charging points and a surprisingly strong Wi-Fi connection. Its retro interior and calming ocean presence provide the perfect atmosphere for writing in the tropics, and mini cacti lining the beachfront tables present that perfect Instagram-worthy shot, which accompanies the friendly working atmosphere. Fresh coffee and Thai teas complement the dessert side of the shop — you know, a little sugar to keep the fingers dancing — as does the Italian sodas, fruit smoothies and savoury snacks.

Top tip: Try the iced Thai tea and/or the chocolate brownie *heart eyes*

Lounge area at the content castle koh samui
Yen Ta Fu
Number 3
This time head out of The Castle, turn right and head towards the Guan Yu temple complex. As you get there, you’ll see a line of shops with an enclosed eating area. The first one open without fail serves up a couple of favourites. They open at about 9 am (ish)

Braised pork noodles. Absolutely scrumdidlilicious. You get a choice of noodles, and I suggest you choose the fat ones. The texture and the way they hold in the flavour is sublime.

50 THB

Lounge area at the content castle koh samui
Chicken and fish ball noodle soup
Number 4
Same place, but totally different taste. The Yen Ta Fu noodles are swimming in a bright pink broth which is quite sweet and topped with a variety of seafood and other bits and pieces.


Lounge area at the content castle koh samui
Tom Yum
Number 5
Just across from the row of shops above, and the first restaurant you come to is the Chicken Rice shop. They sell a couple of different soups including chicken noodle soup. Somehow on my first visit there I got fish balls, fish cake and chicken in my soup but I was never able to repeat the experience. It’s more expensive than the other restaurants at 60 THB. But still quite yummy and if you head out too early, they’ll be the only ones open.


Bonus Soup.


Turn right out of the Content Castle and about 50 metres down on the other side of the road you’ll see a seafood restaurant. They don’t have it on the menu, but if you ask nicely, they’ll whip you up a pretty mean Tom Yum Goong, plain rice and a big Chang for 180 THB. Obviously, a lunch or dinner thing unless you like a bevvie for breakfast. Their seating area runs right through to the beach, so it’s nice to enjoy a meal listing to the waves lap at your feet.


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