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4 Creativity Inspiring Spots On

Koh Samui

Kaila Krayewski

23rd October 2018

When creativity comes to a standstill, there is no better solution than to seek an environment to help inspire you. Koh Samui has no shortage of spots to aid you in this endeavour, and below are four that are hard to beat.

1. Wat Praputtatepungkorn

Thailand has many temples and Koh Samui is no exception. What makes Wat Praputtatepungkorn stand out is its location on the island. Set on the mountain top, this Buddha can only be accessed via 4X4 vehicle, a brave motorcyclist, or hiking four hours along the broken road and off road paths. The panorama from the top is stunning, and even on cloudy days the view of solid white untouchable walls of clouds lends an air of enchantment.

There are three golden Buddhas, one standing tall and another one sitting directly underneath. Flanked on both sides by animals from the Chinese zodiac, together with Naga snakes and elephants with raised trunks, the mixture of heritage invites you to be mindful of diversity and tolerance of different cultures. Located in the open a few metres away is the reclining Buddha. In the context of spiritual faith, the direct contrast of manmade and nature offers a lot of inspiration.

2. Na Muang Waterfalls

Set inside lush jungle, Na Muang Waterfalls offers the sounds of exotic wildlife and falling water, which will displace your technologically-bound world. Nothing can be more inspirational than a connection to nature—one where the senses are overwhelmed by the unfamiliar, providing the inspiration to explore more. From lush green to the dark tan rocks, the colours give you a visual feast, while the sounds and smells reset your senses as you try to identify your surroundings. Touch the smooth eroded rocks and you can imagine the strength behind the medium that makes up 60 percent of your human body. Spending time at Na Muang waterfalls will replenish your mental resources and inspire you to be creative with heightened senses.

3. Fisherman’s Village

Each Friday, you will find the Fisherman’s Village walking street market to be a source of inspiration. Every step will reveal vibrant colours, shapes and textures found an assortment of hawker stalls. From the familiar to the unfamiliar, the sights at this market are guaranteed to stimulate your imagination. Add to that the option of people watching, and you will walk away with a healthy interest of different cultures and customs. By studying your environment at the Fisherman’s Village, your curiosity will be nurtured and your creativity tapped. And with plenty of food and beverages around, it will be very easy to pass the time.

4. Beach With No Name

There are lots of beaches in Koh Samui and finding one to provide some respite from the daily grind is not too difficult. The beach with no name is located on the southern end of the island, beyond a residential street passing signs for Villa Kaylana and opens up to a short stretch with two restaurants. The sand is powder white and the sea is warm. From the sea looking inland, you can see a pagoda-like structure on the left and more trees and sand to the right. Not too many tourists access this beach and Google Maps does not provide a name. Belongings can be left at the restaurant’s outdoor seating, so you can cool down in the lapping waves worry-free. Peace and relaxation is at the heart of this location, as well as a long-sought-after sense of island paradise. Take inspiration from the dissipating white noise and let loose with some wild abandon.

Sometimes feelings of stagnation can make life lacklustre. Why not inject some zest back into your step by seeking out places of inspiration? And if you are at a loss as to where to start, the four mentioned spots are all admission-free and reaching them will, at the very least, provide a sense of adventure.

By the author of takingchances.co.uk

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