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Career Options for Aspiring Writers: How can The Content Castle help you land your dream job?

13th April 2017

Typing “career options for aspiring writers” into the Google search bar can often lead to exhausting results, especially when your home country’s listings are only for mundane positions. While this may benefit those who want to grow as a writer without having to leave the comforts of a familiar society, it may not be suitable for anyone looking for higher aspirations. For those looking to go abroad, there are many internships available which will provide you with new skills, experience and a worthy reference in exchange for all your comfortable living necessities. And if your dream destination has always been a tropical escape by the sea, look no further than the beautiful island of Koh Samui, Thailand!

Situated amidst this tropical paradise is The Content Castle, a three-story mansion that was purpose-built to instill creativity. We offer affordable accommodation to passionate writers who are daring enough to dance with their dream. We give our residents the chance to perfect their copywriting skills and advance their knowledge in areas including PR, marketing and content writing. All the while, writers can also attend three workshops a week held by renowned writers established in their profession, whether it be in content composition, screenwriting, novel writing or poetry, amongst others. At “The Castle” – as we sometimes like to dub it – residents can gain expertise and a foot in the door while also tapping into their creativity and imagination.

Imagine writing by the sea!

Presumably, some creative gurus crave the freedom of self-expression – in which they can promote their own finesse and skills – early on in their career. This is particularly seen in individuals who have majored in a Bachelor of Arts, with specialities in English literature, creative writing and journalism, to name a few.

We all know that some tend to struggle to find similar success to their peers. These university graduates work in jobs completely irrelevant to their degree in order to afford mushroom-broth soup and a hard mattress to sleep on. They consider transferring to a nine to five job, or perhaps giving up and pursuing alternate dreams…. but luckily, there are several career options for aspiring writers looking to hone and express their talents. Sometimes, finding these foundational career building blocks just takes a magnetic glass, a map and time.

“At “The Castle” – as we sometimes like to dub it – residents can gain expertise and a foot in the door while also tapping into their creativity and imagination.”

Content writing and copywriting

When content writers compose text, they are able to make use of their own innovation and draw unique images of whichever article they compose. When websites contact content writers and copywriters to compose content, they want writers who will intrigue potential clients while also reeling in interest for their company. While companies typically scour blogs and freelancers for hire, there are other ways for aspiring writers to get their foot in the door.

With the current uproar of businesses looking for content writers to upsell their brand, there is no better time for eager writers to seek out positions with content marketing companies. These companies specialise in creating unique posts, and from there the posts are posted on their website or social media platforms.

Where do PR and marketing fit in?

PR and marketing – both traditional and non-traditional – are worthy positions for aspiring writers to mull over, especially those seeking a more established writing career in the future. These days, PR extends from purely promoting companies through quick quips, witty taglines and creative strategy. Although these are still major cornerstones of PR, content writing and copywriting are all morphing into equally important aspects of this job role.

Articles and content for websites, social media, blog posts are very often used for promotional purposes. They play a major role in marketing strategies, and are an area of skill that residents can expand upon at The Castle. In addition, having knowledge and skills in PR and Marketing makes you yourself more marketable as a writer, and can also help you to make more money in your chosen field.

Live comfortably by night, and write towards your dream by day.

Recent graduates have the opportunity to escape the threatening lure of unemployment and uncertainty, and instead reside in a spacious palace in tropical paradise decking out in vibrant decor, as they write by day and adventure by night (or afternoon) with similar keen-minded individuals.

Forget your instant noodles and dry carrots, and enjoy exquisite Thai-cuisine for two meals a day, six days a week, all the while thriving in your creative passion and career pursuit. Join us!

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