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Introducing a revolutionary concept in accommodation in Thailand – a house purpose-built to inspire creativity in writers that doesn’t require any budgetting. This Koh Samui writers’ retreat is the place you come to finish that book, write those poems about the magical sunset, and hone your craft to a new level. The best part – there is no money involved.

Who should apply?

Whether you are an experienced writer or an unpublished aspiring writer, you are welcome to apply. We are looking for two things in your application: 1) a strong passion for writing and 2) raw or developed writing talent. In other words, if you have always fancied yourself something of a wordsmith but have never really put pen to paper, you still have a chance!

How to apply?

Submit your CV, three writing samples, and a cover letter or video telling us why you think you’d be the perfect addition to our happy home. If you do not have any writing samples to send us, send only your CV and cover letter and we will send you an application test to complete.

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What our past residents have to say...

Joe Flaten

"I had the best time at this workshop. The people, the stories, the invaluable knowledge. I couldn't have asked for more well organized and professional team to help answer any and all questions regarding the dream job a "tropical writer". Truly a once in a life time opportunity to work with the greats!"

Nazia Tariq

"I have always enjoyed writing and was looking for creative writing courses when a friend directed me to this workshop and i signed up for it immediately. Through this workshop i not only gained insight and knowledge but also developed a strong network of friends who support, inspire and encourage each other to attain our goals as writers and bloggers." Read more...

Carolann Hughes @OneModernCouple.com

"Attending the Tropical Writers’ Workshop was one of the best decisions I ever made. My boyfriend, Macrae, and I started a travel and lifestyle blog and while in Bangkok we were told about the Tropical Writer’s Workshop on Koh Tao." Read more... 

Weekly Journal

7 Must-Try Thai Treats on the Block

We have two awesome meals a day here at The Content Castle, which only leaves us roaming the streets for two things: “treats” and beverages. We’re located right off the main street in Samui, so there are options within mere seconds of walking. Plus, we’re often...

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