By Lyra Almoite

Your network is your net worth, and true to it, connecting with the right person is a great boost to your career or business. Right connections can help you increase your net worth. However, the right connections are usually busy people, they’re at the top of the business chain and hitting it off with one of them could be as simple as an email connection or is it?

We’ve all worked with one busy person or at least know someone, but more often than not, they choose how to spend their time and that includes which emails they read. But they are not untouchable, here are five tips in emailing busy people that increases your chances of getting a reply.

Work On Your Timing

This is the golden rule. Be very strategic about when you send an email. Busy people are more relaxed on Monday afternoon, Tuesday mornings and early Wednesday. Capitalize on these day gaps to make your pitch!

If you know someone close to or a colleague of the person you’re trying to reach who is very well versed with their schedule. Then, the odds are in your favour. Use this to your advantage. The trick is to send your emails to the dates they have blocked out as they will surely be catching up on their email backlog on those days.

Craft A Catchy Subject Line

When an email pops up in an inbox, we would normally read through the subject line to determine the level of importance and priority, busy people are no exemption to this. Be crafty in creating your subject lines, focus on appealing to their curiosity and value add in the context of your email. Busy people love efficiency.

Do Your Homework

You’ve made it through the hardest part, they opened your email, you have their attention now, but how do you keep it? Remember they are busy and they don’t have much time with long introductions that don’t really have anything to do with them.

Busy people will only give you as much value and attention as they see they can get in return. So, if getting their attention is a serious business to you, do your homework. Look them up, find something that connects you to them or something that would be useful to them. It may be an article that they were featured in, an event that they spoke at, you were referred by a mutual contact, or maybe you can make their employees efficiencies or increase revenue by the services you offer.

The key is to find some common ground to break the ice. While your subject line should trigger curiosity, your message should breed familiarity, and you’ll surely have your foot at the door.

Take advantage of the endless information available on the Internet and social media.

Keep It Short and Sweet

The moment they are reading your email, they could be running to their next meeting, they have more important things to do, and most likely, they have a couple more emails waiting for their attention. Every second and minute count. Your best bet is to be clear and to the point. Focus on your value, and what you can offer in return for their time, advice, or partnership. Show that you have the knowledge of the work that they have done, or doing.

Clear and concise articulation of what you need and why you choose the person that you are emailing. If you are reaching out to help, start with what you have done and what you need exactly so that you can get the answers to help yourself.

Send a Follow-Up

Once you get a response or the help that you need, follow-up with a thank you and a link to your work that will help maintain a good connection. Remember, relationships are your greatest resource and you don’t want to come across as somewhat of a one-time hitter.

Perfecting your email pitch is easier said than done but practice can make it perfect. Especially if it is a very important person you are trying to reach, take time to do your research, craft your subject lines, and perfect your message. You might get no’s or no responses at all, but that is okay. Track your progress until you master creating an irresistible email pitch. 

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