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5 great places for massage on Koh Samui

Kaila Krayewski

Wendy Stein

27th August 2018

In our last segment, we talked about the connection between the mind, body, and spirit, and how, as a symbiotic team, they work together to create our well-being, our balance. But if your body gets stuck, your mind is likely to follow—a dangerous trap for a writer on deadline (or anyone, for that matter). This installment takes a look at some top Samui massage places guaranteed to help restore that writer’s flow.
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With well over 100 massage places to choose from, what separates the good from the stellar? I share with you a range of options in a similar price category, focusing on convenience, presentation, confidence of the practitioners, location, and special features. Most places offer Thai massages, and options for aromatherapy oil, coconut oil, or aloe massages, focusing on full body, feet, shoulders, or arm and hand. Sarawak deep tissue is a common menu listing as is hot stone. In no particular order, here are five recommendations, nearby the castle.
Lounge area at the content castle koh samui
5. For preventative health, it is a good idea to schedule a lazy day at least once per week, to rest and recover our minds and bodies, and focus on things beautiful, inspiring, and nourishing. On Koh Samui, the obvious choice is to have a beach day. There, the massage therapists come right to your chair to offer up even more relief from your sea-slug state of mind. Once you discover how affordable it actually is, the urge for an impulse buy is hard to resist. It is up to you to decide if this is the right fit for you. There is a wide variance of skill level for this type of massage, yet the people in the above picture said that they were more than satisfied.


4. For an upscale treat, Tamarind Springs in Lamai has solid offerings in a lovely garden setting. To get yourself in the mood, add a “steam and dream” component to your spa package where you can leave your old skin behind and go back and forth between steaming yourself in the warm aromatic herbal waters of the cave pool, then cool off with a plunge into a natural rock pool. Whisk those excessive thoughts away with a head massage which has the added benefit of making your hair lush and shiny. For a genuine Thai experience, opt for the Prakop steamed herbs treatment, where steamed herbs are applied along traditional meridian lines to provide relief of achy tired joints. Or for maximum indulgence, try a 2.5 hour Thai yoga massage, with active movements and stretches bound to unwind any kink you may have. You can book online and transportation is available upon request.



Lounge area at the content castle koh samui
  1. The Riverside Bodycare shop called to me with its purple glow and tasteful zen-like ambiance. The inside is clean and modern, and the masseuses are personable and friendly. They offer essential oils and Thai massage. There are privacy curtains between the tables. In all, it is a reasonably priced spa for its category and a real stand-out in the walk-in category.

2. The Magnolia is a reasonably priced upscale spa in Chaweng which also has a yoga studio and a cafe. The details matter here, with classic Thai decorations, a range of essential oils, and a clean and tranquil atmosphere. They offer 90- and 120-minute sessions, for maximum results. They, too, offer the revitalizing Pra Kop herbal ball specialty massage, with hot oil or dry if you prefer, from Thailand’s 14th to18th century Ayutthaya period. Consider leaving your worries behind with the Magnolia Pure Happiness package combining a Dead Sea salt scrub with an aromatherapy massage. If you were unlucky enough to get a sunburn, they offer two gentle treatments using aloe vera gel and cucumber, that are bound to ease your pain and leave you feeling refreshed.

Lounge area at the content castle koh samui

1. For personability, a star in this category is the beachside Best Mama Massage in Lamai. This causal, shanty-on-the-beach doesn’t take reservations and you may not find them on the web, but there are ample beds and ladies waiting to sooth away what ails you. It is located next to Baobab restaurant on Lamai beach. They offer the usual range in this informal environment, and their specialty is a combination of Thai and medicated oil massage to target the specific needs of each guest. This is a family business, with integral knowledge passed on through generations, as well as masseurs certified at accredited massage schools. There is big mamma and several little mammas who nurture you back to wellness with their warm mothering touch and incredible skill. They sometimes pair up with many hands on you at once, cradling you into their family bubble. I also recall a particularly wonderful treatment for wrists with the lovely smelling green tiger oil. They are mindful of differing preferences for pressure and observe and check in just the right amount. It is easy to leave here feeling nurtured beyond imagination.

In all, decide in advance how much you want to pay. Use your instincts to decide if that massage place feels right to you. If you feel resistance or that you are being pushed into something you don’t want, listen to your own body’s wisdom and choose another place that is more suitable. And don’t wait until you have symptoms to take action. Get to know the uniqueness of your own body and mind, so that you can become your own advocate to experiencing optimal health and wellness.

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